Make Up Revolution – Ultra 32 Shade palette in Flawless Review

Okay so I’m sure you’ve heard of these palettes before, they’re super popular and it’s not hard to see why! This palette, containing 32 eyeshadows costs just £8. I’ll repeat that; £8!! I fell in love when I saw this palette that contains a mix of neutrals with a combination of mattes, shimmers and glitters. The palette has colours suited for a casual every day look, or a glamorous evening one. 

 Firstly the palette is much smaller than I imagined, but that is not at all a bad thing! It’s really compact so it’s travel friendly and easy to pop in your bag and take out with you. It has a nice, big mirror which is always handy and shuts securely! It also come with a seperate film sheet showing the names of the shades.  

There’s a nice mix of mattes in this palette and some are crazily pigmented (pure chocolate) whilst with others the colour pay off isn’t amazing (raw). Some of the mattes are a little dusty. They also show much better on the lids than the swatches. There’s some fall out on some shades particularly Noir, a matte black.

The shimmers in the palette are gorgeous. They’re super creamy and buttery upon application though some of the shades swatch quite differently than they appear on the lids. Unfortunately 1 or 2 shades are slightly dusty. 

This is the first row. From left to right; paper, soft glow, buff, higher, angel, unlimited, brew and silver smoke. I particularly like Angel. 

Second row; almost there, uncover, barely pink, lowlite, golden light, gold digger, cheerless and blue stars. Blue stars is slightly more difficult to blend than the others, but I absolutely adore barely pink, lowlite, golden light and gold digger.

 Third row; smudge, shimmer heart, universal, copper shimmer, medal, darkest shimmer, tarnish and black tie. This is my absolute favourite row, I basically love all but one shadow on this row. Black tie contains large glitter and I just don’t love huge chunks of glitter and there’s some fall out with this shade too. 

Forth row; pure chocolate, raw, red night, molten chocolate, burgundy nights, green stars, cafe noir and night. Pure chocolate, red night, molten chocolate and green stars are some of the stars of this palette. 

Though not every shade is perfect, overall the quality of this palette is amazing. Each shade is unique and there’s some really stand out gorgeous shades. In general they’re smooth and buttery with great pigmentation with the majority really easy to use and blend. This palette works out 25p per shade and honestly for that price I don’t think you can go wrong, you can get your hands on these from your local super drug, or online from Amazon or the official make up revolution site. I also got hold of make up revolution’s naked 3 dupe so if you’d like me to review that let me know! Thanks for reading!



Urban Decay – One and Done Review

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while; time flies when you’re battling college and two jobs! However over the last two weeks I have managed to pick up some little treats that I absolutely cannot wait to post about and first on that list is Urban Decay’s One and Done hybrid complexion perfector from their Summer 2016 collection.

So, What is it? It’s kind of a mix between a foundation, a moisturiser and BB cream. It contains light diffusing spheres that help make imperfections disappear, improving the look of radiance, tone and texture and even contains SPF 20 for protection against the sun!

The packaging is interesting, it’s a sleek metallic tube with champagne and gunmetal art work and an airless pump, all together it looks lovely, however I did find it quite difficult at first to get any product out and ended up having to squeeze the tube which did somewhat ruin it’s aesthetic.


It’s super light weight and silky and really easy to apply, though I do think my UD foundation blends slightly easier. It immediately blurs out pores and red marks and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing make up at all and looks really natural. I will definitely be wearing this more and more as the weather improves. Though it does seem slightly drying so keep that in mind. It’s also 40ml which is more than you get in the normal foundation. I had it on all day today and it hardly melted and still looked lovely 5/6 hours after application and had only began to fade slightly. I love the way this makes my skin look and feel and would definitely recommend.

It is a little pricey at £25 but as with most urban decay products it’s definitely worth the splurge. You can buy it on the urban decay website, or other selected retailers, eg debenhams! I hope you enjoyed this and it was helpful! Like I said I’ve got loads of goodies lined up to review so just let me know in the comments if there’s any you want me to do first!


Gerard Cosmetics – Lipstick

Considering I was inspired to create a beauty blog after searching for reviews on Gerard Cosmetics products I think it’s only fitting that my first post feature these Golden Bullets (yes they’re definitely GC products, I promise they’re not from Anne Summers).image

So I ordered three lipsticks, however I’ll only be reviewing two in this post, I’ll explain why later. So I’m gonna talk about ‘French Toast’ and ‘Rodeo Drive’.

‘French Toast’ is a warm neutral that’s flattering on all skin tones. It does have an orangey/brown tone, that doesn’t sound great but looks lovely on. Application is a dream, as it’s got a creamy and smooth texture, so it doesn’t tug at all. The lipstick feels creme when you apply it, but settles into a semi-matte. It’s perfect for an everyday lipstick or for going out dependent on what you pair it with, but it transfers easily, so be prepared to top up.


‘Rodeo Drive’ was a lot pinker than I was expecting, it has quite a rosy pink hue, with mauve undertones. Again it’s creamy and easy to apply, and has a satin finish. However the colour is quite sheer, so you do need to build it up if you want opacity, but because of the sheerness it’s absolutely perfect as a casual everyday lip, and it’s not drying!

The packaging is also super cute, and is easy to spot in your bag but it picks up finger prints easily and they seem slightly fragile though I’ve not broken one yet.

In regards of why I haven’t reviewed ‘underground’ this is because the lipstick arrived damaged. Now after waiting almost a month for delivery and paying extra charges in customs fees, if you’re a UK resident I’d definitely recommend buyin GC products from rather than GC’s official page because it’s cheaper and quicker, however there’s always LOADS of discount codes on GC Instagram, so check all your options out before you order anything. So far the customer service has been okay, but I’ll keep you updated on what happens.

Over all I’d definitely recommend these lipsticks, especially if you’re buying from beauty bay as the price is so reasonable(£9.50 per lipstick). They’re easy every day lipsticks and I’ll be buying more.